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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Step One on my journey... The Training

Hello to all and sundry,

The purpose of this blog is to document my journey to hopefully becoming a fully-fledged makeup artist. Here is my story so far:

I've always had a penchant for makeup and beauty. Always interested in new products and reviews, via websites such as,,, and lots of other blogs also. So around three months ago I said to myself  'f*ck it Laura, book a makeup course'. So I did. €595 later and I was booked in for a Module 1 course with the L.A. Makeup Academy on Chatham Street (the top of Grafton Street), to commence on 2nd April 2012. Last week. This post will more or less be a review of my experience participating in Module 1. 

So into the L.A. Makeup Academy Agency studios I trotted on Monday morning last, the 2nd of April, lugging an awkward silly bag with me, containing my 100,000 makeup brushes, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, cotton buds, cotton pads, false lashes, etc. as instructed. Day one was nerve-racking. I did not realise how precious time is in that class. We were launched straight into the rules and regulations of the classroom by our tutor Jenn. Jenn is scrupulous when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene and being organised. Seemed a little anal at the start but at the end of the week I could see the method in her madness. On day one we were told that every single morning there would be a makeup brush inspection, where the tutors would sporadically check out brushes to ensure strict cleanliness. Our work stations were also to be spotlessly clean and tidy at all times. Jenn was assisted by a lovely girl, Amy, for the first two days. On day one Jenn did a demo on a student showing us how to create the perfect base. This included cleansing, primer, foundation, cream blush, contouring, highlighting, powdering, and then a very very basic eye look of a wash of colour over the lids. Looked simples! When it came to the crunch however I soon realised that working on someone else is a LOT more difficult than working on your own face! We worked on each other, partnering up, and products were provided for us to work with, such as MAC, Make Up Forever, Inglot, Clinique, as well as some lower end brands too! We concluded the day by cleaning up and off we went our separate ways. Let me tell you, I was EXHAUSTED that evening and every evening during this week-long course.

Day two was recapping on the base again, and we moved on to a classic simple bridal look. This was what I created on a fellow student:

During this we also learned about individual lashes, and just how flippin' EASY they are to apply. Well I found them so easy to apply. Others struggled a little bit I think. Overall I was generally happy with the look I created and could feel myself gaining a little more confidence. 

Day 3 was an evening look. Again, Jenn did a demo showing us how to create a basic smokey eye for someone who was going on a night out. Jenn was assisted by Ailbhe on day 3 and 4. We were also shown how to apply false strip lashes. Something I found a lot more difficult than the individual lashes, surprisingly!

This was the look I created having watched the demo intently:


I was EXTREMELY happy with my work on that day. The student I worked on however had great skin and amazing eyebrow structure (JEALOUS!). 

On Day 4 we focused on a much much smokier eye, where Jenn demonstrated how to use an eyeliner pencil all over the lid, and smudge and blend it using other coloured shadows to create an uber funky smokey eye. She instructed us to re-create this look but that we could do it the traditional way using just shadows, which I chose to do. I hadn't the confidence to try the eyeliner just yet! 

I did not manage to get a photograph of this look as we were very pressed for time. Unfortunately. 

On Day 5, our last day, we had a guest speaker, a lovely woman by the name of Adrienne who has worked in TV3 for 11 years! Watching her demo, we went back to bridal and re-did this look, but threw in a contemporary spin, either smoking out the eyes slightly more OR by using a bolder/brighter lip. Lips are my downfall. Oh my God it is so so difficult for me to get the lip-line correct. It's something I have to work on. I didn't manage to get any photographs of my creation on this day either. Raging now. :(

At the end of Day 5 (after a horrendously rushed day!) I was presented with my certificate. Have a look:

I was and am so so proud! I realise this is only a minor award but we have to start somewhere, don't we?! Onwards and upwards is what I say! I intend to do the Module 2 course with L.A. Makeup Academy. I am so so excited and will be practising like crazy between now and then. I shall be posting the photos on here and will be looking for constructive criticism and ideas for looks. 

I highly recommend L.A. Makeup Academy if you are just starting out with makeup OR if you wish to acquire new skills. Although I knew most of the things we were taught (from watching YouTube, reading blogs, etc), it was great to put all these skills to practise and show the tutors what I could do. The hours were 10am to 4pm with lunch hour from 12.30 to 1.30. Let me tell you, the day FLIES in. You blink and it's clean-up time. Scary. I made fantastic friends while I was with the academy and I hope to stay in touch with them in the future. Some very skilled ladies let me tell you! :)

I have a full-time job and this is merely a hobby. A hobby I would hope to possibly further as much as is possible for me. And I love it. :)

You can read more about L.A. Makeup Academy here:
If you have any questions for me about L.A. Makeup Academy just leave them below. 

Thanks for reading! :)


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