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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nail polish(es) of the day! :o)

Hello folks! How are you doing??

I don't know about you guys but I can't wear nail polish to work, according to our guide... Now lately I have gotten VERY into nail polishes and don't like to go with naked nails so I try to push the boundaries a bit when it comes to work... So pale pinks, pearly peaches, basically natural colours have been all the go recently...

So tonight I decided to really push the boat out and I whipped this baby out:

It's Sally Hansen's Diamond strength nail polish in the colour 06 - Diamonds... And I LOVE it! It's so disco-bally and tack-alicious and it shows my crazy ass personality and is subtle enough for work... I HOPE! I'm working a late shift tomorrow so I shall let you know! :)

This is the best I could do to show how it looks on the nails but it still doesn't do it justice :(

It's entirely silver sparkles and two coats gives bling that would put a Christmas tree to shame!

Oh and if you were curious, this is what i took OFF my nails today cos I just couldn't chance wearing it to work lol!

This was Nubar's Coral, with Barry M Instant Nail Effects over it, VERY messily, yet it still turned out pretty rockstar-worthy!

What do y'all think??

Laura xxx

Monday, November 8, 2010

new hair... hmmmm

Just a test post you guys! xx

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hair hair... Do I regret my decision??!!

My goodness, it just hit me today that I have a BOY HAIR CUT!!! What possessed me?! And to grow it out would take years and years...

It hit me just as I was flicking through the photos on my laptop and I was messing on my webcam... this is one of said photos... ^ ^ ^

I look so different... I think I miss it!! :*(

Do you think I made the right decision????

La xxx

Hard as nails me! :)

Sooooo, first post since MAY! Shame on me :(

I wanna start talking about NAILS... I was never a nail polish girlie but I'm starting to become one! Pity though, cos my job does NOT allow nail polish of any crazy colours... Raging! :(

Here are my nails with the Barry M Instant Effects Nail Polish, over Nubar's Lavendar polish...
I LOVE the effects... Loads of people asked me where I got my crazy nail art done!! Hardly deloira with myself! :)
Let me know your favourite nail polishes below! xx