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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hair hair... Do I regret my decision??!!

My goodness, it just hit me today that I have a BOY HAIR CUT!!! What possessed me?! And to grow it out would take years and years...

It hit me just as I was flicking through the photos on my laptop and I was messing on my webcam... this is one of said photos... ^ ^ ^

I look so different... I think I miss it!! :*(

Do you think I made the right decision????

La xxx


  1. I think you made the right decision at the time, and you’re hair will become more you in a week or so.
    Remember, it was damaged … so its healthy now.
    You look more sultry with the short hair. Have fun with it!

    Janet - YT TheMoultonJ

  2. I love the short hair on you!! No doubt about it, just look how gorgeous you are. Remember I know it takes time, but it will grow back if you are feeling's going to be okay and u don't look like a boy! You do look amazing, not many people can pull off a hair cut like that!

  3. absolutely the right decision!you stand out so much more and it really suits you!x