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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hair Growth Journey... Slow but sure!

Hey guyssss!

What was I thinking, cutting my hair all short?! MADNESS!!

Let me remind you. October 2010 I had hair like this:

Then I did something I now consider a dumb-dumb move...

I actually CRINGE looking at this. I realised my boo-boo pretty much immediately and set off growing it out again *le double sigh* I also got some highlights thrown in for whatever reason...

And today I have hair that looks like this (screen grab from recent YouTube video - It was an eyebrow tutorial and this was BEFORE the eyebrows were placed on so please disregard those two sorry excuses for eyebrows on my forehead!)...

So my hair is definitely still thick and relatively healthy. I scrapped the highlights, couldn't be dealing with bleach while trying to grow my hair too. So it's dealing with this awkward length while throwing in clip-in extensions for nights out/special occasions for the next while...

Got any tips to help me grow it out faster? I hear castor oil is a hair growth stimulant?




  1. Definitely long hairs suits u more then short hairs. You are a beautiful girl, it wont matter much if you have long hair or short hair, your beauty will surely attract ones eyes ;)

    Tips for Hair Growth

  2. Gosh I know what you're going through. I have this horrible habit of getting my hair cut even though I know i'll regret it later. Castor oil helps, but the biggest change I noticed is after taking vitamins, and twice a week deep conditioning treatments.
    Also, A LOT of water , definitely helped. And lesser use of heat styling tools goes a long way!