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Monday, August 8, 2011

My hair growth journey... slowly but surely!!

Day THREE, man I am on a ROLL! J

Golly golly gosh my topics are very random, first a dog, then a chef’s tool dispenser, now my hair! Ha ha!

Well I wanted to show ye all the progress of my hair growth conquest. You might remember that I had a more-or-less pixie cut last October. I grew out of loving that verrry quickly when I realised how high maintenance it was! Washing it every day, straightening it every day, etc. Nah, not for me!

But just LOOK at how quickly it has grown! I haven’t had it cut since February mind, but it almost all goes back into a ponytail now and I am so thrilled with it. It’s not in the BESTEST condition ever at the ends but I’ll get the nasty ends snipped probably in the next month or so. That stylist will be STERNLY told not to chop any more off than necessary LOL!

I have to owe the health and growth of my mop mainly to this product: MoroccanOil. I love this shit. It’s amazing. I use about a 20 cent sized amount of it all through the mid-lengths and ends of my hair when it’s wet, I allow my hair to airdry, then I straighten it and use some more of the oil for shine through the ends. (I do of course use a heat protectant also previous to straightening… a VO5 one in a red spray bottle) MoroccanOil is magic. Much better than Argan Oil in my opinion.


What do you swear by to keep your hair healthy?

Laura xx

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