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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Product rave!! Tool Turnabout

Second day of blogging, woah, this is weird ha ha!

Well today’s topic will be quick. I want to rave about my makeup brush storage. My beloved “Tool Turnabout”. This can be purchased in the U.S. of A. relatively easily from (, however for us Europeans, eBay appears to be our only option. I nabbed this baby (second-hand but in brill condition) for 20 odd euro including shipping and haven’t looked back!

I cleaned it off with baby wipes first of all, then decided where I wanted all my different types of brushes to go. Then I went and bought the cheapest bag of rice grains I could find (€1.19 in Tesco!) and filled the different compartments with the rice to help the makeup brushes to stand. 

This is by far the best makeup brush storage I have found. The tool turnabout swivels so it makes it sooooo easy to find the makeup brush you are looking for. As you can see from the photo, I have plenty of variety and storing them on a brush belt, in a vase, etc, wasn’t ideal by any means! Also my MAC brush cleanser fits in the very centre section perfectly! J

How do YOU store your makeup brushes/tools?

Laura xx


  1. I'm obsessed with it Kelly, I really am. Well worth the investment!xx

  2. That looks smashing I'm buying one now